Aluminum Hookah

HMHOOKAH is a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy hookah and accessories. warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our aluminium hookah for sale from our factory. welcome OEM & ODM, Low MOQ, Fast delivery.

Ningbo Mosen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. specializing in the production of various hookahs and accessories for more than 10 years. Since 2019, we invested our own factory and have been cooperating with trustworthy factories to provide premium quality hookah for our clients. We develop more than 100 new designs every year to lead the hookah industry. provide OEM and ODM services. Our factory has an annual capacity of 500,000 hookahs, and the products sell well all over the world. 

Hookahs also called Shishas are water pipes that are used for tobacco smoking. Special flavoured tobacco is used in hookahs like chocolate flavour, mint flavour, strawberry flavour, apple flavour, orange flavour etc. Sometimes a mix of these flavours is also blended to give a rich experience. 
Hookah comes in various sizes and shapes. A typical shisha has a body, a water bowl, a head and a ductile hose. This hose is attached to a mouthpiece for smoking. Usually, hookahs are smoked in groups, and the mouthpiece is passed on to various people. 
The mechanism of a hookah is such that tobacco is either heated or vaporized on coal or charcoal. Then it is smoked through the flexible hose and mouthpiece. The smoke passes through the water basin before it is inhaled. 
The Hookah and Shisha market is rapidly growing around the world. Survey shows that there has been a 9.9% increase from last year in the international market. The increasing demand is due to the innovations in modern Hookah trends. 
China Mosen is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hookah in the international market. The quality and competitive prices of Chinese Hookahs are the cause of its popularity and ever-increasing demand.